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<< The most powerful Android apps that have tools used by hackers to hack and test Wi-Fi networks >>

<< The most powerful Android apps that have tools used by hackers to hack and test Wi-Fi networks >>

Download the most powerful Apps android competent in the testing and hacking hacking on the networks of hackers, which is used to detect security vulnerabilities and also to protect them.
The Android operating system is one of the best systems that works on smart phones for what you can do with amazing experiences and things in your phone.

In this post, I will give you some of the best free Android applications used by hackers for testing on Wi-Fi networks or on smart phones to hack them, share the network with you or even spy on your phone without your knowledge.
1- ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit
This App provides a lot of intrusion testing tools that allow you to evaluate the security level and also assess the level of danger on networks with the click of a button. It is easy to use IT security administrators can simulate attacks and identify malicious technologies they use.
Download App
2- cSploit
This App analyzes the Androids network from any risk of hacking and is dedicated to IT security experts whose most important feature is to find vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities in networks' application needs to be valid for routine.
Download cSploit
3- Fing Networks Tools
It is one of the best App that contains network tweaking tools and needs to be routed to run, so this app can know which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network in just a few seconds and this application is fast and accurate. It has a simple and intuitive interface that helps you assess security levels, detect intruders and solve network problems.
Download Fing Networks Tools
4- WiFi Finder
It is the best App to find public Wi-Fi points that are not protected by password or that are shared with the public in your area.
This application can filter the results according to location (cafe, hotel, etc.).
Download WiFi Finder
5- WiFi You-Free WiFi for Internet No password needed

This App gives you millions of Wi-Fi passwords shared by users worldwide where it stores and distributes to you to enjoy free networks where when you log in you will automatically find all the Wi-Fi networks available anywhere near you.
Download App
6- whatsappsniffer
If you want to download private chats, or audio files videos from your friends who use the WhatsApp on the same connection as your Wi-Fi network, this App is the best choice to use.
Dwonload whatsappsniffer
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