Sunday, November 4, 2018

<< New Update For All Version Of NAWhatsApp Nasser Aljaede - NAWhatsApp + v11.20 >>

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<< NAWhatsApp+ v11.20 >>
° • [Modded By / Nasser Al-Jaede] • °
What is NAWhatsApp+ ?
It is a Four copy of Modded WhatsApp, one copy is install instead of the official whatsapp and the second copy to run a second account and the Third copy to run a third account, And Its build on the latest version of WhatsApp and Its supports all the android devices as well as other features.
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What's New in v11.20
- [Added] Auto Reply
- [Added] Scheduled Messages
- [Added] feature to display messages sent to the group separately for each member and to view messages sent by you to the group separately
- [Added] feature originator from the home screen appears @ if someone mentioned you or answered your message in a group appears @ in the main screen
- [Added] Falling Effects (NA Settings >> Effects / Auto Reply / Scheduled Message)
- [Added] 3D effects to move between sections Chat / status / calls
- [Added] Effects Scrolling chat up and down
- [Added] Icon to go to the first message within the chat screen
- [Added] A new option for clearing app waste
- [Added] Option to alert you of your status view
- [Added] Option to alert you when someone changes their image
- [Added] Option for the text color of your status viewer
- [Added] a text background color option from your status view
- [Added] the text color option for who changed the profile picture
- [Added] Option for background color of the text of the person who changed the profile picture
- [Added] Option to change the appearance of the elites from your status view
- [Added] Option to change the appearance of elites who change profile
- [Added] Option to change the time a toast appears from your status view
- [Added] Option to change the appearance time of the toast of those who changed the profile picture
- [Fix] Theme store
- [Fixes] other Improvements
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