Sunday, November 4, 2018

New Update For All Version Of NAWhatsApp Nasser Aljaede - NAWhatsApp + v11.25

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<< NAWhatsApp+ v11.25 >>
° • [Modded By / Nasser Al-Jaede] • °
What is NAWhatsApp+ ?
It is a Four copy of Modded WhatsApp, one copy is install instead of the official whatsapp and the second copy to run a second account and the Third copy to run a third account, And Its build on the latest version of WhatsApp and Its supports all the android devices as well as other features.
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What's New in v11.25
- [Exclusively] Now the version supports all Android devices, as well as 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and above
- [Increasing] group members to 1024 members instead of 256 members
- [Added] Group chats now have separate tab (Optional)
- [Added] Separate Group Tab for Bottom Bar
- [Improved] Switch Light/Dark Mode will SAVE your current settings and restore it when switching
- [Improved] Fonts preview
- [Added] Now you can see pictures of icons and styles when choosing
- [Added] Option sending a group message to groups
- [Added] Color Option for Statues/Story Written
- [Added] Color Option for Statues/Story background
- [Added] Changing font shape in Statues/Story written
- [Added] Making shapes in Statues/Story written
- [Added] Quick chat in Chat screen
- [Added] Color Option for Quick chat background
- [Added] Color Option for Quick chat font
- [Added] Option to hide Quick chat
- [Added] Option Group Admin phrase next to Admins name in group chat
- [Added] Color Option for Group admin phrase
- [Added] New style for attaching and sending file
- [Added] Option to hide floating button (+) in chat
- [Added] New style for Home screen
- [Added] Option to change style of Status Screen
- [Added] Option to change style of Call Screen
- [Added] Animated image on Home Screen
- [Added] Option to hide and pause Animation in Home Screen
- [Added] New Theme store is about 4,500 themes
- [Added] New icons for falling effects
- [Fixed] "App Not Installed" error
- [Fixed] Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to "Immediately"
- [Fixed] Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
- [Fixed] Hide Second Tick
- [Fixed] IG Status disappearing
- [Fixed] WhatsApp emojis/stickers show in phone gallery
- [Fixed] Bottom bar not working in Urdu language
- [Fixed] Group description not clear in Dark Mode
- [Fixed] Custom Privacy checkbox not showing in RTL languages
- [Fixed] Other bugs
- [Misc] Improved (Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian) Translations

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